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Mr. Joseph Zeng spoke in GAIM Ops AsiaPac conference, May 25, Hong Kong

On May 25, 2010, Mr. Joseph Zeng spoke about China’s QFII regulation and the implications to hedge funds in the panel of “Navigating Asia Pacific's Emerging Market Regulatory and Trading Regimes - Frameworks for Operational, Market and Trading Regulation, Compliance and Risk” in the GAIM Ops AsiaPac conference in Hong Kong. 

Ops AsiaPac is a hallmark program for hedge fund investors, Heads of ODD and fund management Executives of Operations, Risk, Compliance, Legal and Finance, who are serious about operational best practice and excellence. In the 2010 conference, spearheading the discussions was Martin Wheatley, CEO of the Hong Kong Securities & Futures Commission with the Opening Address on regulatory frameworks to support investor protection and growth in industry innovation. This was followed by the candid and in-depth presentation on operational risk management by keynote, Matt Auriemma, and straight-shooting perspectives by global end-investors and key asset allocators including Stanford Management Company, Columbia Investment Management Company and family office; FCL Advisory.

Leading Heads of ODD and COOs also took to stage with PAAMCO, LGT Partners, Ermitage (UK), PMA Investment Advisors and SAIL Advisors reviewing qualitative ODD measures, counterparty risk, valuation & pricing, and risk management frameworks.

Meanwhile, Chief Executives and Operations- Derek Crane (Pacific Alliance Group), Brain Pohli (CQS HK), Andrea Sorani (Riley Paterson), Oscar Wan (LIM Advisors), Steve Knabl (Swiss-Asia Finance), Jim Sweeney (Artradis Fund Management) and Andrew Quah (JL Capital) tackled robust debates on regulatory arbitrage, valuation procedures & controls, business continuity, governance, reporting transparency and the new terms in ISDA agreements.

Veterans Paul Smith (Triple A Partners), Miodrag Janjusevic (SAIL Advisors) and Warren Allderige (Pacific Harbor Holdings) delivered perceptive observations on lessons learned from previous crises, and a notable and cautious foresight of the global and regional industry’s direction.

The rest of the myriad of educational sessions covering the due diligence process, valuation & ISDA, fund governance, risk management, regulation, compliance and tax topics were hailed as one of the very best in the region, featuring a faculty of practitioners who examined the issues with passion and intensity, and kept the dialogue genuine both on and off stage.